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When surface stains from dark foods and beverages or tobacco use are allowed to adhere to your tooth enamel, they can gradually start to set in. As time goes on, these stains can exacerbate, leaving you with a dull, yellow, and stained smile.

Unfortunately, most retail-grade whitening products lack the potency to remove stains from deep within teeth. In a situation like this, you will need Dr. Charles Peter and the dental specialists at Charles A. Peter, DMD, PL to administer a dental bleaching treatment.

The potent whitening agents and professional techniques he uses can safely and effectively remove stains from deep within your tooth enamel.

After the whitening treatment, you should consider taking measures to prevent future stains. This could be as simple as cutting back on certain foods and drinks or investing in a tobacco cessation program.

Brushing your teeth once a day with a whitening toothpaste might also help remove daily surface stains before they have a chance to penetrate the tooth enamel.

When shopping for whitening toothpaste in Clearwater, Florida, you should always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The seal represents that the toothpaste has been researched and tested for safety and effectiveness.

If you are suffering with a stained smile, you should call 727-785-7202 to schedule an appointment at Charles A. Peter, DMD, PL.