Did you know that many people damage their teeth without even knowing it?  This often happens through abnormal habits known as clenching and bruxing (grinding).   These habits are also known as “parafunctional habits”.   If these habits are mild, they may not cause too much damage, but if these habits are more severe, the extra forces placed on your teeth can result in premature wearing, cracking of teeth and fillings, as well as TMJ pain.   Usually clenching and grinding are caused by stress and anxiety, but can be related to an abnormal bite, missing teeth, or crooked teeth. If you have frequent headaches or a sore jaw when you wake up, you may be grinding your teeth at night. Dr. Charles Peter in Clearwater, Florida can help you treat these clenching and grinding issues.

One treatment option for clenching and grinding is a bite guard. This custom-made mouth guard is worn over the teeth during sleep to protect the teeth and jaws from the effects of teeth grinding.  Studies show that a bite guard can also relax your tense jaw muscles leading to better sleep, improved comfort and less aches and pains in and around your jaw.  Because this device is custom made, it will provide optimal fit, comfort and protection.

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