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Brushing your teeth daily is an important habit to keep your teeth healthy. So is keeping your brush in good condition. Regular use will wear it out and allow it to gather bacteria. So it is a good idea to care for it so it keeps your mouth healthy. To care for your toothbrush, Dr. Charles Peter recommends these tips.

Rinse After Use
The most important part of caring for your toothbrush is to thoroughly wash it out after brushing. This will remove the remaining toothpaste and any food particles the bristles picked up. Some people like to rinse with super-hot water or purified water, but that’s really not necessary. Normal tap water will work just fine for this.

Store Your Brush Properly
Once you rinse your toothbrush, proper storage is very important to maintaining it. Your brush needs to be allowed to dry out completely, so store it vertically instead of laying it horizontally. You should get a good brush stand that holds each brush away from the others, and allow the brushes to dry out in an open space.

Replace Every Four Months
Your toothbrush isn’t going to last forever, and using it regularly will wear it out so it can’t clean as well. It will generally wear out around month 4, and you can tell if it is time to replace the brush by looking at the bristles. If they are split and frayed, they won’t be able to properly clean the plaque off of your teeth, so at that point, it’s best to replace it.

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