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Your child’s smile is strong, but that doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable to dental issues. In fact, there are many foods in the world today that can attack your child’s teeth and harm their smile. Our dentist, Dr. Charles Peter, encourages you to keep these foods away from your child’s little chompers so they can have a strong oral health. Those foods are:

-Chewy and sticky foods: If the foods are sticky when you chew them, it means the food particles and sugar are sticking to the teeth. If the sugar clings to the teeth for a long enough amount of time, it can damage the enamel and promote cavity growth. So, it’s best to avoid giving your child foods like granola bars, dried fruit, and honey. However, we know this isn’t always possible, so make sure to clean your child’s smile after they eat them.

-Sour foods: Sour foods typically have acid in them, and acid harms the teeth. So, it’s best to avoid giving your child sour foods. The acid will attack the teeth, wear down the enamel, and promote dental issues and tooth sensitivity. If your child does have a sour food, it’s best to brush their teeth 30 minutes after.

-Starchy foods: Starchy foods, like bread and potatoes, turn into sugar quickly. This means they can also promote the development of tooth decay. However, it doesn’t mean your child shouldn’t eat them. It just means your child needs to brush after consuming them.

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