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Are you familiar with the effects of bruxism? Rather than waiting for dental damage to occur to your smile, it can help to be proactive and catch any disorders or conditions that may arise as soon as possible. In the case of bruxism, inspect your teeth and gums every morning to see if any damage has occurred while you sleep.

If you are damaging your teeth while you sleep, it may arise due to bruxism or a condition that contributes to bruxism. If for any reason you are grinding your teeth, it can make your tooth enamel look worn or flat. Furthermore, you may have noticed new chips and cracks in your teeth that have no other reasonable explanation.

If for any reason your teeth are damaged, you may need to visit our dentist for the appropriate repairs. Other common symptoms it is important to look out for includes dull headaches, earaches that do not originate in your ear, mild discomfort with your jaw muscles or face, indentations or strange markings on your tongue, damage to the inner linings of your cheek tissue or severely worn tooth enamel.

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