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You probably already know what brushing and flossing can do for your oral health. Have you ever considered giving your oral hygiene routine a little boost by adding mouthwash? If so, this can be a wonderful choice. Charles A. Peter, DMD, PL would like to offer you some important information to help you get started.

There are two main categories of mouthwash: therapeutic mouthwash and cosmetic mouthwash. Therapeutic mouthwash is composed of active ingredients which can kill bacteria and help fight dental issues such as tooth decay, plaque, gum disease, tartar and bad breath. Cosmetic mouthwash will only rid you of bad breath.

When searching for an over the counter mouthwash, Dr. Charles Peter suggests that you look for a type of therapeutic mouthwash that carries the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This means that the mouthwash does what it claims to do, or that it is both safe and effective. If you are sensitive to alcohol, you’ll want to take a look at the alcohol content on the label.

To use mouthwash successfully, pour a small amount into your mouth and rinse for about 60 seconds, then spit it out into the sink. Do not ever swallow mouthwash. This can lead to stomach issues. If you have children under the age of six, you’ll want to keep your mouthwash out of their reach.

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