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Did you know that habits in your daily lifestyle, as well as changes in your body, can affect your oral health and increase your risk for oral health diseases including gum disease? It’s true, so it is important to be aware of the risk factors for gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, to ensure you have the best chance of success to prevent the condition from occurring.

Gum disease can manifest in numerous ways including via the foods you eat and the habits you keep. In order to ensure the greatest chance for gum disease prevention, avoid unhealthy habits including drug use, smoking, and chewing tobacco. Furthermore, make sure your diet is filled with nutritious foods that are low in sugar and acids that can easily contribute to gum disease.

Numerous often uncontrollable issues including hormone oral changes, genetics, and pregnancy can be linked to gum disease. Furthermore, medications that you may be taking to treat other ailments within your body can also increase your risk for gum disease through a side effect known as dry mouth. As with all oral ailments, visit your dentist for treatment, prevention details, routine checkups, and oral examinations.

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