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Are you aware that there is more than one form of sleep apnea that may need to be treated? Obstructive sleep apnea disorder is caused by a blocked airway as you sleep. Central sleep apnea is caused by signals from your brain failing to send the proper signals to your body to breathe. Both forms of sleep apnea should be treated as soon as possible. To learn more about sleep apnea, read on.

– Individuals who have a deviated septum or any form of nasal blockage are at a heightened risk for sleep apnea.
– Although there are many reasons for sleep apnea disorders, you could be at a greater risk for the disorder based on your family history and genetics.
– You are more likely to develop sleep apnea disorder if you have a very small jaw, large tonsils, or if your tongue is abnormally large
– Men are more prone to sleep apnea than women.
– Depending on the type of allergies and sinus issues you suffer from, you may be at a greater risk for sleep apnea.
– Sleep apnea can be affect younger people, but it is most often found in individuals over 40.
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