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With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s important to keep your child’s teeth, gums, and smile healthy and strong. However, that might be a tricky task if you’re not sure how to do so. So, to help you, our Charles A. Peter, DMD, PL team has some tips for you! Those tips are:

-Hard, sticky candies are very harmful for your child’s smile, so it’s best to encourage them to avoid picking those candies out of the trick-or-treat basket. These treats tend to stick to the teeth for a long period of time, promoting tooth decay.

-Have your child eat their candy with or shortly after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eating the candy with a meal will help reduce the effects of the sugar because the saliva washes away the harmful particles.

-Take advantage of fluoride. If you have your child drink fluoridated water or brush with fluoride toothpaste, their teeth will be strengthened, which will help them avoid scary smile issues.

-Make sure your child is consistent with their oral hygiene routine. Have them brush their teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss at least once a day with an easy-to-use product. You can also have them rinse once a day with beneficial mouthwash.

-Encourage your child to chew sugarless gum that has been accepted by the American Dental Association. Chewing this gum can help produce saliva, which can wash away the harmful particles from the candy and also keep the smile in tip-top shape.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about how to maintain a healthy smile in Clearwater, Florida, during Halloween, please feel free to call our office today at 727-785-7202. Your dentist, Dr. Charles Peter, and dental team want your child to have the best oral health possible, so we are more than happy to help you!