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You probably understand that some individuals are actually more likely to have a number of problems because of their genetics. You may also know that your genetics impact the way you look, but would you be surprised to hear that your genetics could also impact the health of your teeth and gums?

Unfortunately, some individuals are more likely to have tooth decay and cavities than others. There are many things you can do to avoid tooth decay, including cleaning your teeth diligently, but some people will be more likely to have tooth decay regardless of how well they care for their pearly whites. The shape and size of your teeth are also influenced by your genetics. You could even be more vulnerable to gum disease if you suffer from poor immune responses.

Naturally, even if you are more susceptible to gum disease or tooth decay, you’ll still need to care for your teeth well. Aside from flossing and brushing, please remember to eat well and to visit us twice a year. Simply adding mouthwash to your daily routine can help you protect your teeth and gums.

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