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If you are looking for a little extra help for protecting your children from cavities, you might consider dental sealant. Sealant is most often used for the back teeth, but it can be like armor when it comes to cavity prevention.

What Is sealant exactly?
It is a special resin that is applied to the back teeth by our dentist, Dr. Charles Peter. The resin is put on with a brush and then hardened so it remains in place. The bacteria who are known to cause cavities are faced with this barrier, which keeps them from hanging out on the teeth. As such, those teeth can remain nice and safe.

Will it be noticed?
Some varieties of sealant are a bit noticeable, but most of them are transparent. The resin can be placed so thinly that the teeth can look like there is nothing on top of them. Your children should not take notice of them at all.

Is it just for kids?
Sealant is often recommended for children, particularly ages 6 through 12 when the back teeth come in. They are not just for kids though. People of just about any age can benefit from them, if the dentist thinks it will be helpful.

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