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Tooth enamel is very hard. This is thanks to its dense mineral nature. However, there are times when an external force can exceed tooth enamel’s structural integrity causing a chip or dental fracture.

Even if the damaged tooth doesn’t cause you any immediate discomfort or sensitivity, you should still have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Charles Peter. Without professional intervention the chipped tooth enamel can start to accumulate bacterial deposits. As time goes on this could cause a large area of tooth decay to affect the already distressed tooth.

If the compromised area of tooth enamel is relatively small he might be able to treat the chipped tooth by installing a dental filling. This will essentially seal the void in metallic amalgam or composite resin to prevent bacterial deposits from accumulating.

After preparing tooth enamel surface and applying the dental filling material Dr. Charles Peter will harden and bond it to the surrounding tooth enamel with a special ultraviolet light. This will bond its relationship to the tooth for many years to come.

If the area of fractured tooth enamel is significant he might need to perform a dental crown restoration. This mode of treatment will essentially replace the entire tooth enamel layer with an alternate dental material.

If you are in the Clearwater, Florida, area and you have a tooth suffering from a modest chip or minor dental fracture, you should call 727-785-7202 to have it examined and treated at Charles A. Peter, DMD, PL.