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The advantages of dental veneers stand up in comparison to any other dental procedure on the market today. They can quite possibly change your life overnight, or simply enhance it to wonderful new heights. They are quick, easy, usually painless, and instantly effective. In addition:

– They can correct flaws in your smile, such as slightly misaligned, stained, discolored, cracked, or chipped teeth.
– They can be stained, but it is much harder to do so.
– They can last 5-15 years when properly cared for.
– They are strong, and durable.
– They consist of extremely thin, yet extremely durable shells that are bonded onto the front of your teeth.
– They are custom-crafted for each individual tooth.
– Less tooth enamel needs to be removed than with a crown or cap.
– When done correctly by a licensed professional, they are near-impossible to notice.
– They can even be custom designed to color match your teeth.
– They have a natural-looking surface.

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