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A dentist like Dr. Charles Peter will often install a dental bridge to address a recent case of tooth loss. This simple piece of dental work is designed from durable dental materials to restore the essential function of the missing tooth.

While it will never suffer from tooth decay, your dental bridge will still require good oral hygiene practices. If you fail to consistently brush the dental bridge each morning and night, or you often forget to floss it at least once per day, you could be at increased risk of suffering from gum disease.

Over time the periodontal inflammation of advanced gum disease could cause your gums to pull back from your teeth. This could have a negative effect on the abutments that anchor the dental bridge in place or compromise the dental adhesive that binds it.

If you are having difficulties cleaning any of the spaces or contours around your dental bridge, you might want to try using some additional oral hygiene tools.

An interdental brush or a quality water flosser device can often help clear away excess food debris and plaque from the contours of a dental bridge. If you’re having trouble flossing the area and the gumline a floss threader loaded with waxed dental floss might help you easily insert the strand.

If you’ve had a bridge installed at our practice in Clearwater, Florida and you have oral hygiene concerns, you can always call 727-785-7202 to speak to our team at the practice of  Charles A. Peter, DMD, PL.